Who doesn’t like a good “BEFORE & AFTER”?

There is nothing more exciting for a designer than to see a room transform into something fresh, new and beautiful. Sometimes though, we are so entrenched in the details that we forget how far along a room has come!

Nothing speaks volumes like a good “Before & After” shot. It’s like when you finally decide to color your hair a different shade, or go for that new style, and you walk out of the salon and everyone says “Wow, you look fabulous!” It’s not that you didn’t look great before, it’s more likely that your new ‘do freshens up your look and makes you look even better.

I highly recommend that before you embark on any interior design project you take lots of “before” pictures to show your friends just how far you’ve come! And of course, you’ll need to take lots of “after” pictures too! 

Take a look at these BEFORE pictures of a bathroom remodel I recently completed. You will be shocked at how we transformed this bath into a stunning oasis.



Nice shower area, just needed a little updating.


Does this remind you of a bathroom in your house?


Now take a look at our AFTER pictures and you will wonder how my clients even get out of the house in the morning! With a  bathroom like that, I’d want to stay all day….turn the fireplace on, read a good book while luxuriating in the beautiful soaking tub…but I digress..!!



It can sometimes be shocking what new paint and flooring can do for a room! But the addition of this tub and the fireplace really make this bath something special.


I love adding a piece of furniture to a bath. It’s a bit unexpected, but looks lovely while offering additional storage for the homeowner.


So long fiberglass shower! Hello, gorgeous tile! A special thanks to G & N Flooring for showing us just how fun tile can be! I love the mix of styles and colors chosen here.



All photos of the newly renovated bath were taken by Nat Rea

Talk about storage! I was lucky enough to collaborate with my good friends at PK Surroundings to design these gorgeous cabinets. They are so functional yet so beautiful at the same time!

 When it comes to bathroom renovations, the possibilities are endless. Style and function CAN work together!

Until next week,