Three’s a Charm~ Yellows Summer Sweetness

photo courtesy of Dreams Time

photo courtesy of Dreams Time


So, they say if you see, hear or speak something three separate times, it’s probably a good idea to pay attention to it. When it comes to color, it’s not hard to get my attention!


Yellow Chain Tree

Yellow Chain Tree

From cheerful doors, to dramatic trees, playful furniture and wallpaper, and even a honey colored moon last night (courtesy of a full moon and summer solstice), the order of the day for us around here this summer is, “Bring on the Sunshine!”

Yellow is the color of optimism, enthusiasm, and friendship. As the most highly visible color, it can also ask us to pause and be a little bit cautious. It’s known as a stimulant, so it encourages conversation and energy. Be careful in a space where you need to concentrate, because it calls you out to play! It is clear and decisive, not much interested in what the heart wants. It’s know for causing some anxiety for those who  find it tough to focus, so opt for a lighter shade or a balance of a neutral gray if that speaks of you.

We have a number of clients using yellow on their doors this season. It’s warm and inviting and tells those that enter that this is a playful, not too serious abode.


photos courtesy of pinterest

Some of our favorite door colors this season include Valspar’s Sweet Corn and Eddie Bauer’s Daffodil. Ben Moore Yellow Tan




Ben Moore Grand Entrance

Ben Moore’s Grand Entrance

Ben Moore classic Yellow Tone and Affinity Turmeric are a few of our go to colors.

This year Ben Moore introduced it’s Grand Entrance line to mimic fine European enamels with an easier application. We love this high gloss sheen for new doors. It’s a little trickier on previously painted doors, so do your prep work!

Don’t  be shy about painting your interior door as well. There is something about setting up your day for happiness as you walk out through the door. It’s not just for outside!

Don’t get me started on yellow furnishings (cue: happy feet). Used a little or a lot, it’s easy to pump up the volume or take the edge off an otherwise serious room.

Jonathan Adler



Ikea console


Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog

One of our favorite colors and paint treatments comes from Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan

Easy for beginners and pros alike and uber forgiving!

courtesy of pinterest

Yellow on the walls can seem intimidating, but depending on the shade, it can disappear with just a whisper or take center stage. With so many choices we always suggest you try a few samples on the wall first. Live with it in the day and night, sun and clouds. You don’t want your room shouting at you to, “Wake Up!” unless that’s what you need.

There are so many delicious choices here, there’s bound to be a color to please.

If you are feeling really bold (or even neutral with a side of bold) try a few of these amazing wallpapers to add a spark of color and interest to your space.

vinyl wallpaper from Etsy

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.45.49 PM

Murals Wallpaper

Murals Wallpaper

You will see that yellow pairs great with lots of gray’s. It takes the edge off of both colors and allows them to compliment each other.

We love combining bolder color palette’s with a variety of neutrals.

If you are a little unsure of how to incorporate wallpaper into your design esthetic or you might not be ready to take the leap, we love the idea of self adhesive papers that are temporary and repositionable (right up my alley!). These allow you to make a temporary statement and change the mood.

They also work great if you are renting!

Don’t forget a few accessories to lighten the mood.

From bowls to sculptures to outdoor serving, you can’t go wrong with a dabble of yellow.


west elm

West Elm

On Sutton Place

On Sutton Place

Homer Laughlin- Etsy

Homer Laughlin- Etsy

We are completely in love with these dishes from Homer Laughlin. How could you not smile!

So, we hope we have inspired you to drink in a little sunshine and sprinkle some of that color liberally around your home this summer.

Bask in the color of happiness and spread a little around while you are at it!

For a guide to all the things we have here and some more design inspiration check out our pinterest board~ Let The Sun Shine In

Happy Designing!