The big reveal…our bathroom renovation before and after!

Redesigning a room is a journey, often times with unexpected turns and twists. You think you are headed down one path, and then whoops! something happens and you have to veer off that path. Whatever it may be, a contractor behind schedule, or all of a sudden your sink can’t go where you thought it could, an item on backorder, or maybe it’s because you simply saw something you think might suit you better! Don’t worry, you were smart enough to hire an interior designer, who will get you right back on track.

Several weeks ago I started a bathroom renovation journey with one of my clients. It comes as no surprise that our project has taken some twists and turns. However, the end result 100% worth it! We aren’t completely done, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to share some before and after pictures with you.


What an incredible difference! We added an +EcoSmart Fire  fireplace that uses environmentally friendly bioethanol. The real bonus with this design is that the homeowner can enjoy from both the bedroom and the bathroom for the ultimate experience. The tiling on the wall and the sleek soaking tub give an updated look to this master bath.  Here’s a sneak peak into the bathroom from the master bedroom. So you can see how beautifully the fireplace fits in.



A view from the master bedroom into the new bath.

Vanities and lighting can really date a bathroom. I am sure many of you reading this post have or have had these types of lights above at least one of the vanities in your home. My clients were looking for a more sophisticated look, so we added a chandelier and custom cabinets.




Wow! What a difference! 




And here’s how the shower changed…a complete 180 degree turn! The result…STUNNING!



While all of the “big” decisions have been made, there are still some details that I tell my clients to never overlook when designing a bathroom, especially the master bath. It’s the little things that can often make a huge difference. Things like including music and candles to create a spa-like experience right in your own home. What better way to unplug?

Don’t forget that you can add a lot of “pop” with the right shower curtain and towels. Bring in some orange or a vibrant red. A little bit of color can make you feel a little more glamorous and maybe even more energized.

Come back soon to see our final photos of this lovely bathroom. I hope it’s given you some inspiration.