Switching Things Up

So, if you are reading this email somewhere in your house, close your eyes.
Tell me how many switches or plugs are in the room. What color are they? What do they operate (or not!)? Anything lucky enough to be on a dimmer?


The truth of it is, most of us don’t even give a second thought to how these operate or understand the importance of their function in a well designed space. They are usually an ivory colored, plastic, “I don’t even know what that switch does!” afterthought.

It will come to you as no surprise that most designers do think about these things. After all, the devil is in the details. And this detail can not only be the icing on the cake, but cake that’s actually good for you too!

In recent years there have been so many improvements to the lowly switch. From dimmers to lite switches, to wireless, to stunning ergonomic design and detail, this utilitarian device has earned it’s esthetic bragging rights.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to be part of a new launch of switches and wall plates for Hubbardton Forge by Legrand in NYC, NY.

From left to right: Christy Davis, Donna’s Blog; Jeanne Chung, CozyStylishChic;
Kristin Cadwallader, Bliss at Home; Renee Carman, Interiors by Mandeville Canyon Designs; and Patricia Davis Brown, Dig this Design.





Now, for almost any one who is my client, you know that my go to lighting source is Hubbardton Forge. Their impeccable handcrafted line of lighting based on a 6,000 year old metal forging technique produces timeless and elegant design that I have been able to incorporate into any kind of visual esthetic.



So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Legrand, the leading manufacturer of cutting edge touch sensitive technology decided to join forces with Hubbardton and complete the package.
The story of their reunion is simple but powerful.  While visiting the Hubbardton Forge booth at a trade show, the folks at Legrand realized that something was missing. Why not take a stunning piece of lighting artistry and combine it with equally stunning technology and design. Two years later a partnership forged in the fires of creativity and passion was realized.


The Adorn collection for Legrand is nothing short of playful and zesty. Pushing the color palette they encourage the end user try something a little different, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s brains behind the beauty. Not only are there paddle switches, but silent touch switches (so as not to wake that sleeping baby, or spouse), wave switches and even motion sensor (cue my kids waving madly to create magic lighting.  Some things we can’t help to change!).



Imagine now that you switches can coordinate with your decor. As designers we usually try to blend the switch system to a wall or tile, try to make it disappear. With the new hand forged line from Adorne, you actually may want to bring attention to your device!

switch2I am actually going to install these switches in our own kitchen reno. I am using a backsplash of slate infused with iron and smoky glass elements. The Hubbardton Forge Bronze plate is really going to make a statement in the whole design.

Everything will be on a dimmer.
I can just imagine the lights set on low, a romantic dinner prepared with our favorite wine and chocolate and…. OK fine, a kitchen full of kids making pizza while One Direction blasts in the background.

Quick Legrand we need a mute switch!


To check out Legrand and Hubbardton Forge’s great video, click here!

You can also find more design inspiration on our Pinterest board.

And remember, switching up things once in awhile is good for you!