Staged to SELL

Is it really necessary to stage your home to sell it?

The short answer to that question is YES!!

And here’s why…

You will sell your home faster:  95% of professionally staged homes sell on average in 11 days or less and sell for 17% more

Your online photos will stand out:  90% of potential buyers view your home online first

You will make your money back! It’s recommended that you spend between 1 and 3% of your asking price on staging your home. However, your ROI on that investment should be between 8 and 10%

Your home will sell faster if you stage it before you list it. Independent research shows that staged homes sell 2 to 2.5 times faster than unstaged properties.

Over 81% of buyers find it easier to visualize a property as their own if it’s staged.

Sell your home

The proof is in the pudding. If you are serious about selling your home, it’s time to get serious about staging your home. Many people hesitate about spending money on staging their home, when they have already made the decision to move on. Who wants to put money into a house you are leaving? But, if you don’t want your home sitting on the market for a long time, you really need to take the time (and money) to stage it.

Staging doesn’t mean to strip everything out of your home. It means to create a lifestyle! You want potential  buyers to walk in your home and feel like it’s the life they want. Not every buyer has the ability to visualize themselves in a home other than their current one, so it’s up to you to create that vision for them! Not sure how to do that? Here are some of my no-fail tips for staging your home:

∗ Hire a professional! You may think you can objectively stage your home, but it’s always a good idea to have another set of eyes there to help. You need to be able to emotionally separate yourself from your home. If you just can’t seem to let go of your feelings for your home, maybe right now is not the time to sell.

∗ De-clutter! I am sure you’ve heard this a million times, but there’s no other way to say it! You have to de-clutter your home. Listen, life happens! We all somehow accumulate all kinds of “stuff” that we don’t necessarily need on a day-to-day basis – I swear stuff multiplies in the night! Now is the time to get rid of it, or pack it away. No magnets on the fridge, no magazines in sight, clear everything off your kitchen and bathroom counters. Since you’re planning on moving, why not get a jumpstart on packing? Put those seldom used items in a box and bring it to storage! You can live without the holiday décor for a bit, especially if it means your house gets sold faster! Assume that every single space will be viewed. Be sure that even your closets are looking their best!

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∗ De-personalize! You might be saying “duh!” to this one too. But again, it’s time to replace those family photos with some generic artwork. When you are de-personalizing your home, you don’t want it to look bare. Find some artwork and decorative items that will appeal to the masses. Oh, and it’s time to pack up anything that may offend a potential buyer too…no political signage, no alcohol in sight, no religious symbols…you get the picture, right? Remember we are trying to help the buyer visualize themselves living in your home.

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∗ Rearrange and purge your furniture! Chances are, you have your furniture arranged in a way that’s functional for your family, but are your really showcasing your room at it’s best? Be sure you don’t have anything blocking traffic flow and nothing in front of the windows! Each room should have a clear purpose. For example, is a room and office or an extra bedroom? Make it clear to the buyer. Remember, potential buyers need your help in visualizing themselves in your home and seeing how the space can be used.

∗ Curb appeal! What’s the first thing a potential home owner sees when they get to your home? You got it! The outside. Be sure you’ve put your best foot forward and you’ve spruced things up out there! Sweep the entrances, wash the windows, add some potted plants. Research tells us that by planting bright flowers, it will make your home stand out. Buyers will say, “Remember the house with the yellow flowers…” If any repairs need to be made, believe it or not, now’s the time to do it. Need new garage doors…replace them! Need to touch up some paint…do it! You want your house to look well maintained.

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∗ Take great photos! I am shocked at some of the horrible photos people use when selling their home. After all, most potential buyers are scouring the internet looking at houses online before they even go look with a realtor. They are making decisions about your home based on what they see in the photos. A photo can make or break it for you.

∗ Make a showing checklist! Having your home on the market is hard. You have to be ready at all times to show your house…and who really lives like that? Having a checklist for when you are in a rush to get out the door makes things a bit easier. I love this one from!

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If you haven’t been “sold” yet on the idea of staging your home, hop on over to my Pinterest board for tons more information! Click here to see it now!