Renee’s Top 10 Holiday Gifts

It’s that magical time of year! Today I’m channeling my inner Oprah and sharing my top 10 favorite items for the holidays! 

Black Sheep Felting Kit

It really doesn’t get much cuter than these handmade little guys! I’m always looking for fun ways to make homemade gifts, but I’m not super crafty! I also love when I can involve my family (hint: someone special in my family makes these). The expressions on these little guys faces are akin to looking at puppy pictures…and apparently they have the same happy effect on the brain!

The Sill

It’s no mystery that I love incorporating live plants into my design! That’s why I love The Sill! It’s a great site for all things plants, from beginners to even the greenest of thumbs! Check out their unique and earth friendly ideas! 

Of course, I am also a HUGE supporter of shopping local. So, if you find yourself in the Seacoast of New Hampshire, be sure to check out one of my favorite shops, Cymbidium.

I’ve been a fan of glassybaby for decades. I love everything about them from their stunning glass to their mission. You can’t go wrong!


This is a company I can stand behind! I have been using these products with confidence for a few years now. I love them for their biophilic benefits, plus all the other health benefits!

If you’re looking for aromatherapy for the whole house or the office, I highly recommend AromaTech. Their products are pet friendly, vegan and paraben free!

Love, love, LOVE this book! This is a must read if you are looking to create a more joyful life! 

Also, I highly recommend anything by Brene Brown…she’s a true inspiration. 

6. Give the gift of a magazine subscription - for real!


I’m all for being green and going digital, but sometimes you find a magazine that you read cover to cover and keep it around because you love its content that much! We have back issues from Garden Design from decades ago that I still refer to! Sometimes the print version is well worth it!

7. Something special for your four-legged friends!

Living room design

Okay, okay…I’ll admit it, I have a huge soft spot for the four-legged friends in my life. If you adore your pets the way I do, then you’ll love surprising them with the gift of Bark Box. I swear our pups know when their box arrives! What could bring you more joy than seeing your fur-buddy so happy?!

8. Yoga pants you can wear to work! I'll take 2 please!


The testimonial says it all! Betabrand’s yoga dress pants may in fact be the best thing ever invented! Look good + feel great…sign me up! 

I’m a girl that loves color, comfort and style. I’ve spent years narrowing down what brands work for me. You’ll often find me sporting something cute from Athleta, Faherty or Boden. Their styles look great whether you’re shopping for a client, doing an install, checking on a project or meeting with a new client!

9. Who doesn't love jewelry?

sundance jewlry

If I can’t find a bit of bling locally, then my next stop is at Sundance. They happen to carry the most unique jewelry items that are worthy of becoming heirlooms. Even the most simple pieces are show stoppers! 

hudson beach glass

I was smitten the very first time I stepped foot in Hudson Beach Glass in Beacon, NY. It’s hip, it’s cool…and I wanted pretty much one of everything! From art to jewelry, beautiful glass pieces and much more!

Bonus gift idea!

When all else fails and it feels like the holidays have gotten the best of me, I run for a glass of Malbec, Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups and a good soak in Aura Cacia Cedarwood Mineral bath salts. It’s pretty much a cure for just about anything..especially holiday stress!

So there you have it! Renee’s wish list. Remember, the real joy of the holidays is in the giving ~ whether it’s love, hugs, friendship, a smile or a thoughtful gift, just be sure it includes joy! 

Joyfully yours,