Making more space.

Have you ever noticed that each room in your house has an unspoken purpose? Dining rooms are to dine in, kitchens to cook in, bedrooms to sleep in…you get the point. But what happens when a room calls for a multipurpose space? These rooms can be a little trickier to design, but with some careful planning, they can really cover a lot of bases. Take this multi-functioning room we designed a few months ago.

custom bar, bassett furniture, jaipur rugs, living room

As you can see, there is plenty of space to hang out and read or watch tv. And with its very own bar space, this room is also the perfect place to hang out with friends!

A fun blue barn door comes in handy when you need a little privacy, or when you want to contain the noise, so you don’t disturb everyone else in the house. It looks good and is functional.

built-in cabinetry, living room

As you can see, across from the couch is, of course, the TV. But we also added an amazing set of built-ins that serve as a great work space. Perfect for those days you can work from home, or even better, a place for the kids to do their homework!

game table, artwork, living room, bassett furntiure

We also added a small table that can be used for family game night, or to eat at when the room is used for hosting friends and family.

Because we wanted this room to serve many purposes, and we knew it would get a lot of use, we selected durable family (& pet) friendly fabrics and furnishings so that this room will stand the test of time. We also use environmentally friendly products whenever and wherever we can. 

Some of our favorite pieces are:

Couch & Table – Bassett Furniture

Rug  – Jaipur Rugs

Artwork – The Willow

Lighting – Troy Lighting

Flooring – G & N Flooring by Design

Barn Door – Rustica

Countertop – Dekton

Window Treatments – Exciting Windows

Custom Bar, built by this amazing homeowner, Knot Again

bassett furniture, couch, pet-friendly material

Even Keto loves this new room!