It’s all about the brass, ’bout the brass, ’bout the brass. No silver!

Move over silver and polished nickel!
Brass is back…FOR REAL!

I know, the idea of it may give you flashbacks to a few decades ago, when every home had inexpensive shiny “faux” brass chandeliers and door knobs. Yuck! But brass has changed…and it’s for the better!

Brass has actually been quietly making a comeback for a couple of years. It’s just taken a little time for it to lose it’s former bad reputation. The new brass has class and is one of the hottest trends in design right now.

Why the new love affair with brass? Well, it could be because it’s so versatile. It’s modern yet classic, plays well with other metals and works with just about any color. Brass is warm and luxurious. It can be bold or subtle. Glamorous yet down-to-earth.


While it’s taken a little convincing, I have some brave clients who have taken the plunge! One of the best features about using brass in design is how well it plays with others. Look how well it mixed with other metals, like iron!


Wall Sconce from

As I often say, “It’s all about the details”. One place this certainly rings true is in your kitchen! Using brass details can create a very hip, yet classic space. Use it confidently, knowing that brass is here to stay! (hence the comeback!). Try installing a set of unexpected shiny brass pendants. If that’s too much, start with brass knobs, handles or brass faucets. Keep in mind that brass comes in different finishes, so if shiny is not the look you had in mind, try something a little more subtle like the look of aged brass. Either way, you can’t go wrong and your neighbors will be surprised at what a trend setter you are!


Proof that brass mixes well with other metals!



Two-toned flatware from West Elm



These brass cabinets are SOOOOOO cool! I want them for my house!!!



Oooh, shiny! Found on



Martha Stewart

Today’s designers are more creative and daring than ever. It seems like all rules have been thrown out the window (yay!) and creativity and unexpectedness is the key to good design. That’s why I’m loving the way that designers are introducing brass in both big and small ways. And I of course love how designers are mixing metals like brass, copper, and silver for a modern, cool vibe.


As seen on

Not sure if brass will work in your home? Think of it as a new “neutral”. It plays a key role in your home décor without distracting from your other elements of design.


Seen on



Look at these fabulous brass frames! Found on


Totally brassy chandelier found at West Elm


Who would’ve thunk that brass could be so cool? For lots and lots more inspiring, totally brassy design check out my Pinterest board, Brass is Back!

Keep on shining!