It takes a village!

The official definition of VOLUNTEERISM is as follows:

“the policy or practice of volunteering one’s time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one’s community.”

But in my opinion, it should be something like this:

“a group of good-hearted people coming together to volunteer their time (which they don’t have a lot of), talents (which they didn’t necessarily know they had) for the benefit of one’s community.”

Over the past couple of months, I have been volunteering with an incredible group of students, parents, vendors and local businesses to create the set for Exeter High School’s junior prom. This past weekend we got to see the fruits of our labor come together for a beautiful evening celebrating an amazing group of kids.

Prom dates

Prom Cuties!

Once the photos were taken, and the evening began, I had a moment to sit and reflect on how it all came together. And I have to say, it was such a joy to work with this group people who had the same sense of volunteerism that I try to live by. They gave it all…and then some! It was up to the students to decide on a theme, design the space and then create and paint the set. And boy did they rise to the occasion!

What could be more fitting for a prom theme than The Great Gatsby?


Because of safety concerns and building codes all of the décor had to be created under some specific guidelines, such as no real fire or water, and everything had to be flame retardant. So it was time to get creative, roll up our sleeves and get right into some DIY! How fantastic are these chandeliers made from hula hoops and irrigation pipe?!!!


Great Gatsby Prom

Once you’re done drooling over the chandeliers, check out Gatsby’s fountain made from PVC ductwork, Styrofoam, beach balls and baubles to mimic water. The fountain was even up light with battery operated lighting! 


Onto the outdoor area where we had battery operated candles suspended from delicate hanging baskets and tons of fresh flowers cut the morning of prom so that they could have the heady scent of lilacs as each couple walked through the arches.

Of course non of this happens with out a dedicated group of volunteers and a supportive community. We can’t thank the following local businesses enough for all that you did to make this night come together! Places like Wonderland Thrift Shop, Churchills, Riverwoods, Exeter Rent-All. We’d also like to give a HUGE thank you to the North Hampton, NH Home Depot for just saying yes to anything and everything we asked for!


I hope that through this experience these young adults will remember how fun and rewarding it has been to volunteer and that they will continue to volunteer their hearts, time and talents for the benefit of others. Because after all…it takes a village!

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