Drought & the Dog Days of Summer

It’s officially a heat wave here in New Hampshire! By the looks of my yard, we’re in a pretty good drought too! It’s right about now that my clients start asking me what they can plant so that their landscape looks great, even during these long, hot, dry summer days!

Some days I want to suggest to forget the lawn and just put in a nice big patio! But I know that’s not practical. Here’s something to think about….did you know that in Los Angeles you can actually get paid for getting rid of your lawn? Check it out here! While I don’t necessarily recommend that you rip out your lawn, there are lots of ways you can create a beautiful drought tolerant landscape.

Smoke Bush

Drought tolerant Smoke Bush. Image found on finegardening.com

Have you ever heard of xeriscaping? At its simplest, xeriscaping is about selecting plants that can thrive with as little supplemental water as possible. This means choosing a variety of native plants, as well as other well-adapted species. This type of low-water landscaping is great for the environment and your budget! If you are trying to minimize your irrigation needs or if you live in an area with water restrictions I advise you to select plants that can tolerate a drought.

Easy to grow & wonderfully fragrant lavender! Image found on lushhome.com

Easy to grow & wonderfully fragrant lavender! Image found on lushhome.com

The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension published an extremely helpful list of drought tolerant plants for NH landscapes. Click here to see their list!

Other helpful tips include:

* Stay on top of your weeding. Those pesky weeds are stealing valuable moisture from your plants! Be sure to pull your weeds out often and keep your plants happy!

* Mulch. You need to have 2-3 inches of much to keep your soil cool and to protect it from the direct sun. This will help maintain moisture down below.

* Deadhead your flowers. Doing so will save energy for your plants and they will need less water.

For lots more tips check out my Pinterest board, Drought Tolerant Landscape, by clicking here!

Don’t forget that we are heading into the best season for planting! Not only will the temperatures begin to get cooler, so you will be more comfortable outside gardening, but nurseries are starting mark down their prices on their inventory. Take advantage of lower prices now and your yard (& wallet) will thank you later!

As we get closer to fall, it’s the perfect time to plant, as it is easier on the root systems of your plants to establish themselves before winter hits! In fact, I just learned that according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, we’re in for another long, cold and snowy winter! See the latest report by clicking here.

Remember this? Found on Boston Globe, via Getty Images

Remember this? Found on Boston Globe, via Getty Images

That being said, I might have to take a day off from the beach one of these days soon and tend to my own yard!