Design Predictions for 2018~ Back to the Future

photo courtesy of Style Arch

If you are anything like me you want timeless, simple design that doesn’t change with the wind, but I am still guilty of trolling Pinterest for a little bit of In the Moment Bling. A little goes a long ways and these trends are here to stay!

1. Deep Rich Saturated Colors

From Pantone, to Ben Moore, Sherwin Williams and the likes, the cue is rich and saturated, curated and mellow.

Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year~ Caliente AF 290

We all know what color does for the the brain, so if you are someone who craves stimulation, the new collection of sultry colors are sure to get your engines going.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year Oceanside SW 6496
PPG Color of the Year~ Black Flame- 1043-7

If you are a little tentative about using these new bold colors, windows and doors trimmed out in black or graphite gray can add a graphic punch to white walls and easily matches an decor.

2. Bring the Outside In

According to Elle Decor, Pinterest pins of patterned plants were up 533% this year!

In the chilly northeast, truer words could not be spoken. Open the curtains, widen the windows and let in the light and views of nature at every turn.

Let the view pour in

As with color, a room with a view, especially of nature, has immeasurable benefits on your health.

No view? Even artwork depicting nature or photographs of landscapes scrolling across your television can elevate your mood.

Patterned plants have come into fashion as well as any variety of healthy houseplants. Aloe Vera, ferns and Bamboo help to cleanse the air and are especially great in bedrooms. Bump up the plants after freshly painting walls or installing new carpet to help absorb toxins.

Bringing in nature, one healthy breath at a time!

3. Mix it Up

Remember the days of searching for the new faucet that had both brass and chrome in it so you might be able to marry that old brass tub faucet with the chrome shower? Well, you were ahead of your time, sort of.

Mixing metals has been around for awhile and it looks like it’s here to stay. Gone are the days of matching all your finishes. What good is a rule if it can’t be broken, or at least bent especially with stunning results. Matching can sometimes looks like you tried to hard, so think about curating a collection of materials over time. This goes for furniture, fabrics and even kitchen and bath. If this is a new idea to you, start slowly with just a few items and perhaps keep the sheen similar, like antiqued brass with brushed nickel.

We are using this fabulous pendant from Troy in a home and it will be our jumping off point for a number of different metals.

Troy Lighting Cubist
Brizo Litze

We are also using this wonderful textural faucet from Brizo in a kitchen that will also feature polished brass and brushed nickel. We’ll mix that up with some concrete and Dekton for an elegant but industrial look. More on that later….

4. Counter Balanced

By now you know that Quartz is much more common place and because of its ever expanding color palette and ease of use, it’s here to stay.

We have been loving Dekton by Cosentino and see it as a major player both indoors and out for us in 2018.

According to the manufacturer, Dekton is made with a sophisticated blend of materials that are used to produce the highest quality glass, porcelain and quartz surfaces. The difference lies in the advanced manufacturing process, called ‘sinterization’ that presses the materials into an ultra-compact product like no other. It also has a thinner, more European, profile than regular quartz at 3/4″ verses the standard 1 1/4″

We are so excited to be using Dekton’s new Orix (hot of the press from Spain) in a kitchen this spring along with it’s warm and inviting partner Borea on the outdoor kitchen.

Dekton’s new Orix

The combo is going to be a knock out.

Dekton’s warm and rich Borea

We find that concrete is holding strong and branching out with new styles and colors. In the same kitchen that is draped with Orix on the perimeter cabinets, we will spread out with JM Lifestyles Woodform Concrete embedded with brass bow ties on the island.

Wood form concrete from JM Lifestyles

We have loved using this product in islands for years. It is warm and inviting and sure to stir conversation. One of our favorite installs included a bespoke art piece representing the family settled right into the countertop. Every brush past reminds the family of their bond.

We will find that 2018 will be filled with  patterns to mimic water and the natural flow. Touch Me matte finishes and fabrics that invite you to wrap up and slow down.

Trends will come and go and we invite you to stay true to yourself, but remember to push the envelope a little and surprise others, and most of all, yourself.

In good design,


Mandeville Canyon Designs