Healthy Home + Nature= Joyful Design!

OK, so most of you that know me know that I am not a numbers gal, but I do know that whenever I can combine healthy living in a home and nature, we are definitely going to make it a joy filled home!

Fall in Central Park Photo courtesy of Roadtrippers

I took a few months in NYC for a… Read More

The art of unplugging

We had a magical lightening storm here in Exeter last night. Those of you who were up late enough know what I am talking about. I wrapped up work very late last night, I mean, very late. I found myself so involved in my day-to-day work, family and to-do lists (along with my should-do lists) that I almost missed it.… Read More

Cheers Dad! Father’s Day Gift Guide

So, truth be known, Father’s Day is not the easiest of holidays now that the kids are grown.Time was a tie cake or a minor league baseball game was a sure thing, now Time at all is a precious gift.

my gang circa 1998

As a design family any member is bound to be gifted a book on 1001 Chairs… Read More

Five elements

I’ve just returned from a long overdue vacation out to the west coast. The beauty of that part of the country made returning home to a seemingly endless amount of emails to catch up on and an even longer to-do list all worthwhile. I’m a west coast gal at heart and immediately felt at home out there. The sights and… Read More

Join us for two festive events this week!

December is such a wonderful month filled with friends, family and festivities. As the countdown to the holidays begins, we hope that you can carve out a little time to join us for two special events happening this week.

Holiday Open House at Mandeville Canyon Designs

28 Front Street

Exeter, NH  03833

Friday, December 4th, 5-8:00 pm

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Believe it or not, the holidays are upon us!

Well, we made it through Halloween and time is moving on quickly, right into the holiday season. If you have been out in the stores in the past week or so, you may have already heard Christmas music and have seen the shelves stocked with holiday décor. While that may make some of you cringe, it makes those of us… Read More

Essential Summer Party Tips!

It’s officially summer!! School is out. We’ve celebrated summer solstice. And the weather is FINALLY nice! With all that happy stuff comes time for summer gatherings. Since summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family, you don’t want to be running around like a crazy person, trying to pull off a casual summer party.… Read More

Some “doggone” great ideas!


These furry guys keep us on our toes and smiling, that’s for sure! Each of these dogs has their own special talents…Harper can get anything she want’s with those eyes. I mean seriously, who would say no to those blues??! Riley, well, Riley has mastered the “lean”. If you go anywhere near him, he’s going… Read More

Switching Things Up

So, if you are reading this email somewhere in your house, close your eyes.Tell me how many switches or plugs are in the room. What color are they? What do they operate (or not!)? Anything lucky enough to be on a dimmer?

The truth of it is, most of us don’t even give a second thought to how these operate… Read More

It’s all about the brass, ’bout the brass, ’bout the brass. No silver!

Move over silver and polished nickel! Brass is back…FOR REAL!

I know, the idea of it may give you flashbacks to a few decades ago, when every home had inexpensive shiny “faux” brass chandeliers and door knobs. Yuck! But brass has changed…and it’s for the better!

Brass has actually been quietly making a comeback for a couple of years. It’s… Read More

A Year with a View

If you are anything like me, you can’t figure out how you misplaced 2014! Last winter seemed like it hung on forever and then thankfully we had a luxurious stretch of near perfect weather that seemed to slow the pace down for just a moment. That is until we tumbled head long into the holidays (which for the team on… Read More

Who doesn’t like a good “BEFORE & AFTER”?

There is nothing more exciting for a designer than to see a room transform into something fresh, new and beautiful. Sometimes though, we are so entrenched in the details that we forget how far along a room has come!

Nothing speaks volumes like a good “Before & After” shot. It’s like when you finally decide to color your hair a… Read More

Go ahead, walk all over me!

That’s right, I said “walk all over me!!” That’s because this week we’re talking rugs!!

Often times rugs can be the jumping off point in a room. It’s easy to find the colors of your room in a vibrant rug. Other times rugs are used as a neutral backdrop for more dramatic furnishings and pillows. Whatever works!

There are so… Read More