To Bed, To Bed, To Bed

House Beautiful

So, every night about this time of year, I am lulled off to sleep by the gentle dance of the leafy trees, the breeze tickling my eyelashes and the hypnotic dance of crickets and cicadas. I rock gently in my porch bed, dreaming of, well sleeping in a porch bed.

Some day I will make my sleeping porch… Read More

Outdoor Living! Bring the Fun Outside

We had too much fun last week updating a few outdoor spaces for a client. Now, we had to admit that they were not too shabby to begin with. This client has a pretty good sense of design to begin with, so really all we had to do is shake it up a little and take a few chances.

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Red, White, and Blue! Who Knew!

With less than a week before we celebrate our nations independence, we couldn’t think of a better time to explore some fabulous color combinations featuring our country’s symbolic color palette.

photo courtesy of Contemporary Home Decoration


First a little history lesson into the meaning of these iconic colors…

White signifies Purity and Innocence

Red signifies Hardiness and Valor

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Three’s a Charm~ Yellows Summer Sweetness

photo courtesy of Dreams Time


So, they say if you see, hear or speak something three separate times, it’s probably a good idea to pay attention to it. When it comes to color, it’s not hard to get my attention!


Yellow Chain Tree

From cheerful doors, to dramatic trees, playful furniture and wallpaper, and even a honey colored… Read More

Cheers Dad! Father’s Day Gift Guide

So, truth be known, Father’s Day is not the easiest of holidays now that the kids are grown.Time was a tie cake or a minor league baseball game was a sure thing, now Time at all is a precious gift.

my gang circa 1998

As a design family any member is bound to be gifted a book on 1001 Chairs… Read More

We are a Decked out!

Decks by Kiefer


We are in high outdoor gear here at Mandeville Canyon Designs. This summer includes a fabulous pool, some whimsical gardens and great new decks all around.

Now that it is unofficially officially summer, what could be better than enjoying a day of lounging around a new deck grilling and hanging out with friends, or curling… Read More


Someday soon it will feel like spring here in New England. I promise! These chilly temps have me longing for warmer days and blooming flowers. I love the feeling that spring evokes in all of us. That happy, giddy feeling. The feeling that you want to quit work and play outside all day. Most of all I love… Read More

Dim the Lights!

I’m not much of a DIY’er, even though I constantly dream of being one. However, there is one project that I ALWAYS recommend my clients do in just about every room in your home. And, believe me when I say, “You can do this!”. It’s time that you install a dimmer switch. This is possibly the easiest DIY… Read More

Ignite your Fireplace!

Temperatures dipped well below zero last weekend, so I found myself spending A LOT of time sitting in front of my fire. So much so, that I have become a fire stoking master!! There’s something so relaxing and toasty about sitting in front of a crackling fire. I love the way it sounds, the way it glows, the smell and… Read More

Romantic Redesign

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I’m no expert on love, but I am here to offer a bit of advice…

No more flowers.

No more chocolates.

More romance!

FYI, romance isn’t just for February 14th. In fact, romance is in style all year long!

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What’s more romantic than giving your loved one a dreamy… Read More

Budget Friendly Basement Makeover Ideas!

Basements get a bad rap. Often the keeper of seldom used junk and a graveyard for bugs and cobwebs, they can lack design appeal. Viewed as large and cavernous. Cold and dark. Overseer of utilities. Neglected and a bit “unloved”. Even kind of creepy.

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On the flipside, I think they are a huge area… Read More

When one door closes, another one opens.

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Most people don’t give the doors in their home too much thought. I mean, they are a necessity, but how much do they really matter when it comes to your interior (or exterior) design. Surprisingly, they can make a BIG difference!

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This became very clear to me as I was recently working with… Read More

It’s alive!!

Now that the warmer weather is here, my projects are heading outdoors, yay! I love to create a landscape design because it’s so much fun and brings it’s own design challenges along with it. Whether I am designing a pool and the surrounding landscape, patio or deck, I am always sure to incorporate a lot of native, easy… Read More