Making more space.

Have you ever noticed that each room in your house has an unspoken purpose? Dining rooms are to dine in, kitchens to cook in, bedrooms to sleep in…you get the point. But what happens when a room calls for a multipurpose space? These rooms can be a little trickier to design, but with some careful planning, they can really cover… Read More

Healthy Home + Nature= Joyful Design!

OK, so most of you that know me know that I am not a numbers gal, but I do know that whenever I can combine healthy living in a home and nature, we are definitely going to make it a joy filled home!

Fall in Central Park Photo courtesy of Roadtrippers

I took a few months in NYC for a… Read More

Design Predictions for 2018~ Back to the Future

photo courtesy of Style Arch

If you are anything like me you want timeless, simple design that doesn’t change with the wind, but I am still guilty of trolling Pinterest for a little bit of In the Moment Bling. A little goes a long ways and these trends are here to stay!

1. Deep Rich Saturated Colors

From Pantone, to… Read More

Design Reveal

As we celebrate the first year anniversary of our local YMCA, I am reminded of the extraordinary importance of community. A place to come together, young and old, of many faiths and ethnic backgrounds, and stages in our lives and celebrate. The simple act of taking care and valuing ourselves and others. Cheers to belonging.


Most of the time,… Read More

The art of unplugging

We had a magical lightening storm here in Exeter last night. Those of you who were up late enough know what I am talking about. I wrapped up work very late last night, I mean, very late. I found myself so involved in my day-to-day work, family and to-do lists (along with my should-do lists) that I almost missed it.… Read More

Drought & the Dog Days of Summer

It’s officially a heat wave here in New Hampshire! By the looks of my yard, we’re in a pretty good drought too! It’s right about now that my clients start asking me what they can plant so that their landscape looks great, even during these long, hot, dry summer days!

Some days I want to suggest to forget the lawn… Read More

To Bed, To Bed, To Bed

House Beautiful

So, every night about this time of year, I am lulled off to sleep by the gentle dance of the leafy trees, the breeze tickling my eyelashes and the hypnotic dance of crickets and cicadas. I rock gently in my porch bed, dreaming of, well sleeping in a porch bed.

Some day I will make my sleeping porch… Read More

Outdoor Living! Bring the Fun Outside

We had too much fun last week updating a few outdoor spaces for a client. Now, we had to admit that they were not too shabby to begin with. This client has a pretty good sense of design to begin with, so really all we had to do is shake it up a little and take a few chances.

Before… Read More

Red, White, and Blue! Who Knew!

With less than a week before we celebrate our nations independence, we couldn’t think of a better time to explore some fabulous color combinations featuring our country’s symbolic color palette.

photo courtesy of Contemporary Home Decoration


First a little history lesson into the meaning of these iconic colors…

White signifies Purity and Innocence

Red signifies Hardiness and Valor

photo… Read More

Three’s a Charm~ Yellows Summer Sweetness

photo courtesy of Dreams Time


So, they say if you see, hear or speak something three separate times, it’s probably a good idea to pay attention to it. When it comes to color, it’s not hard to get my attention!


Yellow Chain Tree

From cheerful doors, to dramatic trees, playful furniture and wallpaper, and even a honey colored… Read More

Cheers Dad! Father’s Day Gift Guide

So, truth be known, Father’s Day is not the easiest of holidays now that the kids are grown.Time was a tie cake or a minor league baseball game was a sure thing, now Time at all is a precious gift.

my gang circa 1998

As a design family any member is bound to be gifted a book on 1001 Chairs… Read More

We are a Decked out!

Decks by Kiefer


We are in high outdoor gear here at Mandeville Canyon Designs. This summer includes a fabulous pool, some whimsical gardens and great new decks all around.

Now that it is unofficially officially summer, what could be better than enjoying a day of lounging around a new deck grilling and hanging out with friends, or curling… Read More

Outdoor kitchen designs

For many, Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer and the beginning of outdoor parties, grilling season and dining al fresco. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an outdoor kitchen so that you don’t have keep making trips back into to the house? While an outdoor kitchen sounds luxurious, it may… Read More

Divine dining room design!

When it comes to dining rooms, I think there are 2 types of homeowners: those that love having a formal dining room for hosting family gatherings and large parties, and those who will maybe use the dining room table once or twice a year and spend the remainder of the year wondering what to do with that space so that… Read More

How to arrange living room furniture.

Last week we got you all jazzed up about buying new furniture, but that’s only half the story! A lot of thought (and measuring) should go into determining what pieces you need and how you are going to arrange them once they arrive BEFORE you buy anything.

Designed by Mandeville Canyon Designs

Although this may seem like a daunting task,… Read More

Taking the “ouch” out of buying a couch.

You thought it was Spring season, but it’s actually Furniture Buying Season! New furniture designs debut in spring, so retailers are clearing out old styles to make room.”, says Dan Butler, vice president of retail operations at the National Retail Federation. If you’re in the market, now is a good time to buy! But don’t just buy anything! Buying a… Read More

Five elements

I’ve just returned from a long overdue vacation out to the west coast. The beauty of that part of the country made returning home to a seemingly endless amount of emails to catch up on and an even longer to-do list all worthwhile. I’m a west coast gal at heart and immediately felt at home out there. The sights and… Read More


Someday soon it will feel like spring here in New England. I promise! These chilly temps have me longing for warmer days and blooming flowers. I love the feeling that spring evokes in all of us. That happy, giddy feeling. The feeling that you want to quit work and play outside all day. Most of all I love… Read More

It’s time for a pool party!

If you’ve been dreaming of enjoying the summer months sitting beside your brand new pool, now’s the time to get started! It doesn’t have to be a gigantic pool that takes over your entire yard. Gone are the days of those big rectangular concrete pool monstrosities (yay!). What’s trending now are small to moderate size pools that have… Read More

Don’t be afraid of the dark!

Take a look at any of the photos of my interior design work, and you immediately get the sense that I am a girl who loves color! But I cannot tell a lie…lately I have been drawn to the dramatic effect of the color black. I’m not talking just a touch of black here and… Read More