Voted “Coolest Room on Campus”!

There’s no denying it…back to school is right around the corner. In these last few weeks of summer you simply can’t avoid it! My mailbox is filled with back to school catalogs from every store in the nation! Walk into a retail store…bam! Back to school promotions everywhere!

While I refuse to accept that school is fast approaching, I do… Read More

Dining under the stars

If you are loving these long summer days as much as I am, then you will love these pretty design ideas for a perfect evening dining al fresco! There is nothing better than ending your day with the stars above and the grass tickling your toes. That’s why I love to take dinner outside! Although, come to think… Read More

Ready for some fun with color?

One of the most daunting tasks for my clients is choosing a color palette. It’s one of the first questions I ask, and it often leaves people speechless! That’s ok! In fact, it can actually be a really good thing because it allows me to present some ideas and color combinations that my clients may not have even dreamed of!… Read More

“I’m in a New York state of mind!”

Who goes to NYC to relax?! Well….me!! Last weekend I hopped on the train and headed for the Big Apple in hopes to recharge my batteries with color and shapes. I can’t imagine a better city to max out your visual cortex!

One of my “go-tos” for inspiration is always Jonathan Adler. Trained as a potter,… Read More

Backyard fun & function!

If you have kids, no matter what their age, then surely at some point along the way you bought a big swing set, complete with a climbing wall, slide and perhaps a clubhouse. And now that big wooden structure is the focal point of your backyard. It can go weeks without anyone playing on it other than the squirrels. But… Read More

Some “doggone” great ideas!


These furry guys keep us on our toes and smiling, that’s for sure! Each of these dogs has their own special talents…Harper can get anything she want’s with those eyes. I mean seriously, who would say no to those blues??! Riley, well, Riley has mastered the “lean”. If you go anywhere near him, he’s going… Read More

Mad about Dad!

Father’s Day is right around the corner! So we figured, why not celebrate dad with a little Mad Men inspired décor? It’s all the rage and he’ll appreciate a space that’s hip, cool and, most importantly, all his own! I am not one to promote the idea of a “man cave”, however, I do feel that everyone needs to have… Read More

It takes a village!

The official definition of VOLUNTEERISM is as follows:

“the policy or practice of volunteering one’s time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one’s community.”

But in my opinion, it should be something like this:

“a group of good-hearted people coming together to volunteer their time (which they don’t have a lot… Read More

Spicy décor inspired by Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo is Muy Caliente! And I am feeling fiery today! I love this holiday for it’s bold use of color….ok, I also love an excuse to eat lots of guacamole and perhaps a margarita too!

Let’s face it, the oranges, blues, and hot pinks are so fun and vibrant…I just can’t resist! So, if you’re looking for… Read More

Switching Things Up

So, if you are reading this email somewhere in your house, close your eyes.Tell me how many switches or plugs are in the room. What color are they? What do they operate (or not!)? Anything lucky enough to be on a dimmer?

The truth of it is, most of us don’t even give a second thought to how these operate… Read More

It’s all about the brass, ’bout the brass, ’bout the brass. No silver!

Move over silver and polished nickel! Brass is back…FOR REAL!

I know, the idea of it may give you flashbacks to a few decades ago, when every home had inexpensive shiny “faux” brass chandeliers and door knobs. Yuck! But brass has changed…and it’s for the better!

Brass has actually been quietly making a comeback for a couple of years. It’s… Read More

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year~ Marsala

I should have seen the signs…..

The iridescent pomegranate jacket that reached it’s arms out to me in the gift shop at Longwood Gardens (I resisted, but only long enough to have to pay shipping later on). The glasses of Malbec cradled in my hands over the holiday season. The enthusiastic encouragement to a client about Ben Moore’s rich… Read More

A Year with a View

If you are anything like me, you can’t figure out how you misplaced 2014! Last winter seemed like it hung on forever and then thankfully we had a luxurious stretch of near perfect weather that seemed to slow the pace down for just a moment. That is until we tumbled head long into the holidays (which for the team on… Read More

Adding layers, creating warmth

On Saturday it’s time to adjust our clocks and “fall back”. By now the trees are done showing us their beautiful array of colors and have lost their leaves.

Part of me dreads this time of year because it’s dark when I wake in the morning and it gets dark so early in the afternoon. For a girl from California… Read More

An old barn gets a new life!

Did you hear the news?? My 1850’s barn renovation was featured on +houzz! This was one of my all time favorite projects because I felt like the barn really spoke to me! Have you ever had that feeling? It’s quite surreal.

The Barn was tired of it’s old ways and years of being a storage facility. But it had… Read More

Who doesn’t like a good “BEFORE & AFTER”?

There is nothing more exciting for a designer than to see a room transform into something fresh, new and beautiful. Sometimes though, we are so entrenched in the details that we forget how far along a room has come!

Nothing speaks volumes like a good “Before & After” shot. It’s like when you finally decide to color your hair a… Read More

Doing Good With Wood


I was lucky (and I don’t believe in luck).  A canyon filled with dirt, eucalyptus, and assorted reptiles. An unobstructed view of the city of angels and a home filled with wood…wood floors, wood walls, and wood ceilings. Growing up here I was fairly sure that if God had a vacation home, it would be mine. Still am.… Read More

Color combos that are safe but not boring

I can honestly say, the most common interior design question I get from clients, friends, family (even strangers in the paint store!) is how to choose paint colors. No surprise here, but I am a visual person, so I thought I’d share some of the color schemes I have used recently. Hopefully it provides you with a bit of inspiration!… Read More

Go ahead, walk all over me!

That’s right, I said “walk all over me!!” That’s because this week we’re talking rugs!!

Often times rugs can be the jumping off point in a room. It’s easy to find the colors of your room in a vibrant rug. Other times rugs are used as a neutral backdrop for more dramatic furnishings and pillows. Whatever works!

There are so… Read More

The big reveal…our bathroom renovation before and after!

Redesigning a room is a journey, often times with unexpected turns and twists. You think you are headed down one path, and then whoops! something happens and you have to veer off that path. Whatever it may be, a contractor behind schedule, or all of a sudden your sink can’t go where you thought it could, an item on backorder,… Read More