To Bed, To Bed, To Bed

outdoor swing bed

House Beautiful

So, every night about this time of year, I am lulled off to sleep by the gentle dance of the leafy trees, the breeze tickling my eyelashes and the hypnotic dance of crickets and cicadas. I rock gently in my porch bed, dreaming of, well sleeping in a porch bed.

Some day I will make my sleeping porch a reality, but until then I thought some real life dreamy bedding would satiate my need for romance under the stars.

black and white and gold bedding

Graphic Balance Loom Brand










They say that if you do one thing every morning, it should be to make your bed. It sets the tone for the day and welcomes you back from a hard days work.

Start with a great mattress. Do your research and buy the best that money can afford. You spend a third of your life sleeping, so you owe it to yourself to do so in comfort. Test drive as many as you can. Many mattresses come with a 30 day sleep on it guarantee, and if you are making a big switch say from traditional coil to a bamboo latex, you really will need that time for your body to adjust.

neutral tones and texture

Canadian Log Homes



Layering for the seasons is essential. Finding a collection that works for all the seasons can be tricky, but try to find a style that speaks to you and then buy the accessories that support it.






denim headboard neutral bedding

Cable blanket from Decordots

Start with great sheets that feel right for you. It might be jersey, or silk, cotton or even bamboo. Looking for a material that has a good finish is important. Some sheets will be treated with chemicals to keep them from wrinkling. My philosophy on sheets is the same as my body. I’ve earned these wrinkles and the more I have the more fun I’ve had too!

cotton bedding

Floral bedding from Sundance


Now, here’s where we bust a myth. Thread count isn’t all it’s cracked up to be….

 Shannon Maher, Assistant Professor at FIT, in an interview with the Huffington Post, set us straight.

Thread count refers to the number of yarns per square inch, but what you are really after is the length of the yarn, not the number. The length gives it strength, such as in Egyptian Cotton. Also look for Pima or Supima or one of my all time favorites, Bamboo.

After you’ve pick a set of sheets that will make it hard get out of bed, layer your lair with a collection of lounge around lovelies that make you wish every day was Sunday.

graphic design, bedding, orange

Tribal inspiration from Trina Turk

It will come as no surprise to most of you that I sort of have a thing for faux fur. As I respect all life no matter how small, I could never come anywhere near the real thing, but I am a sucker for a great pretender.

faux fur

Pottery Barn

As is my pup!

faux fur

Our furry office pup, Harper


I love using coverlets, down (or Primaloft if have a sensitivity to down) comforters, throws, quilts, and even scarves to add layers of color, warmth, and texture. When you coordinate the look, it’s easy to drape it on or toss it off.




charcoal colored throw, bedding

Chunky throw

mustard and navy throw

Island throw from Anthropologie

throw, blanket

Ribbon Throw by Lili Alessandra

poster, bed, throw

Just Another Thing…Loom Brand














And make sure not to forget those pillows, although know thyself. If you are the kind of person who hates making the bed in the morning, limit all the extras unless you love pillow fights!

morrocan pillows, blue, orange

Abu Dhabi by Bliss Living Home

Tent Abu Dhabi

Bliss Home Living










Some of my favorite textile designers combine the sense of exotic with tactile comfort…















And don’t forget the guests. Sometimes it’s a simple as a fresh clean palette and down slippers

white bedroom, down slippers


Actually, that might be the answer to most everything


If you need a little more inspiration, pop on over to our pinterest board and tuck yourself in.


Sweet Dreams!