Back to reality

Sadly, that glorious week between Christmas and New Year’s has come to an end. Gone are the days filled with family and friends, quiet mornings luxuriating by the fire with a yummy cup of coffee and a good book. Late night movies, dates, board games, and outdoor fun. Basically doing whatever pleases you. That much needed time away from the rat-race of life is so good for the soul. But, here we are at the beginning of January, jumping back on the treadmill of life. Time to get back on track with schedules, work, commitments, oh and don’t forget…new year’s resolutions (gulp!). So how do you keep your soul feeling good throughout the month of January?

For one, don’t be so serious. I mean it. Often times we begin the year putting so much pressure on ourselves that we are setting up for failure. You have a whole year to reach your goals, it’s a marathon not a sprint! Take your time. Prioritize. Plan. Smile. Laugh. Breathe!

Next up; get organized! I’m sure you’ve seen lots of blogs, Facebook posts, magazine articles and sales flyers over the last week or so, all touting that now is the time to get organized. And they are right! Why not take some time this month to tackle a few organization projects in your home? I’m going to start with my desk (aka command central), which seems to have some sort of magnetic attraction to paper!

Need some inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board with lots of great home office styling and organization ideas. Click here!

Once you have cleared your desk (and hopefully your mind too!) pick a room in your home that’s begging for some attention. You know the one. It’s the room you walk by every day and think; “someday I will redo that room”. Well, now’s the time! January brings cold winter weather that often leads us to spending more time indoors. Use that time wisely. Take a few moments to sit in that room and plan what you really want it to look like. If you aren’t sure, spend some time on Pinterest or Houzz pinning ideas that you like. Or, hire a professional! Whether it’s a complete redesign or a smaller scale refresh, a professional designer will help you see your room in a different light.

Just look at this before and after! Our designer Heather Nadeau completely changed the look and feel of this family room giving it the much needed update it was begging for. Just think of what she could do for one of the rooms in your home!

Family Room Design by Heather Nadeau

Family Room Design by Heather Nadeau

We had fun sprucing up this family friendly room, within an 1850’s barn. It took lots of space planning and designing to make it a multifunctional, family friendly space. What was once an unused space, is now the heartbeat of the home. Whatever your space challenge may be, we can help.

We had fun sprucing up this family friendly room! Designed by Renee Carman of Mandeville Canyon Designs

Designed by Renee Carman of Mandeville Canyon Designs

It’s also time for a clean out. Pick one room (for now) and dig in deep. Ask yourself; Do you really need that? Do you really love that piece of furniture? If not, get rid of it! Sell it or donate it, but don’t feel guilty about doing it, someone else will find it and love it. If it doesn’t bring you joy, it shouldn’t be in your home. I’m a firm believer that we should surround ourselves with the things that make us feel great. Edit those that don’t.

Of course, I always recommend that you get outside whenever possible. Fill your senses with your natural surroundings. Take a walk in the woods. Sled with the kids. Just get some fresh air an move! It’ll do wonders for your mental state.

Lastly, put a smile on! Nothing makes a room look prettier than the happiness and energy you bring to it! My late father-in-law used to say, “Boy do you make a room look great!”. He meant it as a reference to my design abilities, but what he really meant was that I made it look better by being in it. He was a charmer 🙂 People trump design. 

Cheers to a new year!