An old barn gets a new life!

Did you hear the news?? My 1850’s barn renovation was featured on +houzz! This was one of my all time favorite projects because I felt like the barn really spoke to me! Have you ever had that feeling? It’s quite surreal.

The Barn was tired of it’s old ways and years of being a storage facility. But it had so much potential and it just begged me for a makeover!

Check out this BEFORE photo!


Before Photos by Exeter Interior Designers & Decorators Mandeville Canyon Design

So with much careful planning and thought, I set out on my mission to create a family-friendly space. I wanted a space that served a lot of purposes, so this wasn’t going to be easy. I needed a mudroom, an eating area, and a comfortable gathering space for a family of 6…plus lots of friends! Oh, and I can’t forget the pets!

I also wanted color, lots of color! A bit unusual for a barn renovation, but I’m a designer that is not afraid to infuse color into my design whenever I can! And I think the end result is quite beautiful!













2012-01-24+11-55-22If you are a lover of breathing new life into old barns or buildings, then be sure to Click Here to read the entire article written by +houzz and see more pictures.

I love to see what other designers can create with old homes or old barns. In particular, I loved this feature from +1 KindesignClick here to read their article, 43 Fabulous Barn Conversions inspiring you to go off grid.

If your house, or barn is speaking to you, be sure to listen! Keep some of the old, but it’s ok to refresh with some new.

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